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We already have a number of so-called cat café’s in the UK, both in London and the north, but Bournemouth may soon have the first one which serves the south of the country.  The first cat café was launched in Taiwan in 1998 for people who couldn’t have a cat a home or those who like being


If you’re visiting Bournemouth for the first time, you might not know about one of the town’ more unusual areas.   Pokesdown, is nestled in the vintage quarter of Bournemouth a town within a town, offering the atmosphere of a quaint, if slightly quirky, village.  Pokesdown languished on the edge of Bournemouth for years, ignored


The festive season starts early on the south coast this year, with a range of events and Christmas fun running from 16th November to 3rd January 2017.  Whether you’ll be here on a family trip or as a couple, there’ll be plenty to keep you occupied, from ice skating, to some stunning Nutcracker Kings and


As the nights draw in and the weather starts getting that bit chillier, a spa day can really put the spring back into your step.  A day in a Bournemouth spa is about much more than treatments, many have a pool and thermal facilities, like saunas or steam rooms for guests to relax in.  You


Halloween is a big event in and around Bournemouth, so if you’ll be here for half term, here are three of the spookiest things you can get up to! Halloween in Bournemouth Square, Friday 21st October – Sunday 30th October, 11am – 12pm This free event is aimed at families, with children’s entertainment on offer


Bournemouth is an attractive and popular seaside town with lots to offer tourists during the warmer months, however, with miles of golden seafront and plenty of ways to explore it close up, this town makes a great destination all year round. Taking the bike Whether you prefer long open stretches of road, or rugged rides


The Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival is in full swing, but what exactly should you expect from a visit to this popular local celebration?  To start with, the schedule of events takes place between the 8th October and the 15th October 2016.  This is an annual seaside festival that includes a very varied timetable;


Bournemouth is a town with a vibrant arts scene; it has its own thriving arts club, along with the beautiful Russell-Cotes gallery and plenty of free arts festivals that take place throughout the year. It’s the ideal place for a break if you’re a lover of any type of art, from modern to renaissance, with both


When you’re bringing your furry friend on holiday, it’s nice to know about places you can visit, or stop for a bite to eat, that are happy to welcome dogs.    Here’s a list of three ideas for having fun with your pooch in tow! Bournemouth Beaches So long as you clear up after your dog,


Any time of year is great for a visit to Bournemouth in Dorset, it’s a stunning county with many spots designated as areas of outstanding natural beauty, and much of the coast line considered a globally significant World Heritage Site. However, if you’ll be staying with us this autumn, there are also plenty of events and festivals


The markets in and around Bournemouth come in all shapes and sizes, they are perfect for stocking up a holiday food cupboard, spotting that must-have item of antique jewellery, or simply browsing on a lazy afternoon.  So if you’re down for the week, or a long weekend, here are two of the best locations for


Today Bournemouth is a diverse and contemporary town that’s a fantastic destination for all types of people.   There are spectacular beaches, quiet gardens, thrilling water sports and excellent restaurants.  Also, the pier continues to thrive, alongside cultural attractions like the stunning Russell-Cotes art gallery.  However, you might be surprised to learn that Bournemouth’s social history


If you have always loved going off for holidays and discovering more about new places, then that doesn’t need to change when you have a young baby. In some ways these early days before they start walking are easier, because you don’t need to worry about them rushing off whilst you’re paying for ice creams


Many families choose a self catering break based on location; some like a vibrant town, others a wide sandy beach or countryside escapes, and some like to be near a theme park.   Luckily people planning a UK getaway to Bournemouth can have it all!  As well as a busy high street and a stunning coastal


This annual event grows in popularity and spectacle every year, with the town’s incredible beachside vista playing host to a wide range of different military vehicles and water borne vessels manned by the Royal Navy.  There will also be a wealth of onshore entertainment, refreshments and a genuinely warm, convivial atmosphere to enjoy.  You can book